In this episode, Dr. Mikinari Higano shares the spread of leadership education in Japan. After being hired as an Economics professor, he was asked to create a leadership education course for undergraduate students at Rikkyo University. Since then he's worked to grow leadership education in Japan, developing courses, conferences, and workshops to help the community grow from a military-only discipline to one that includes transformational leadership practices.

In this episode, Niall O'Donnellan brings his education and experience in leading teams and designing leadership education programs in Ireland. During the conversation, he explains his early career experiences working for the Irish government to create sustainable international businesses to his more recent work designing leadership programs for business development. Niall shares his use of universal design for learning and building partnerships with colleges and universities in the U.S., Spain, and other countries. 

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In this episode, Dan and Lauren speak with Dr. Nathan Eva and Katrina Johnson about designing a Master’s of Indigenous Business Leadership program. The joint effort, supported by the William Cooper Institute and the Monash Business School in Australia, is a transformational leadership program designed to strengthen the Indigenous workforce in Australia. The quartet discusses the opportunities and challenges of creating a program that honors Indigenous practices and reflects leadership literature worldwide. 


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In this episode, Dr. Cynthia Cherrey discusses leading an international organization during a pandemic. She shares her path to the ILA President and CEO role, and how it has changed during the pandemic. Dr. Cherrey previews the upcoming ILA Global Conference and future considerations for international leadership education. 

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September 22, 2021

Welcome to Season Five!

In this episode, Dan and Lauren take the leadership conversation abroad. Join them as they speak to guests from all over the world about best practices and innovative programs in and out of the leadership classroom.

In this episode, Dan and Lauren sit down with Dr. Sonja Ardoin to discuss leadership and social class. Dr. Ardoin, who co-edited the most recent edition of the New Directions for Student Leadership with Dr. Kathy Guthrie, shares findings on leadership learning through the lens of social class.

In this episode, Dan and Lauren discuss working with faculty and student affairs professionals to enhance the leadership development experience with guests, Dr. Joshua O'Connor and Susan Luchey. All share past projects and experiences of connecting the in-classroom pedagogy with the out-of-classroom programming.

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In this episode, Dan and Lauren speak with Chelsea Winer about her work coaching students on campus and couples preparing to get married. All three share stories about using leadership resources with partners or friends including using the CliftonStrengths assessment to plan a wedding.

In this episode, Dan and Lauren speak with Dr. Keith Herndon and Charlotte Norsworthy from the University of Georgia about podcasting, leadership, and journalism. All agree on the value of podcasting and share ideas for infusing it into pedagogy. Specifically, Keith and Charlotte share how podcasting makes teaching more accessible to all learners.  Some of the resources we chatted about in this podcast include:

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In this episode, Dan and Lauren reflect with Dr. Kathy Guthrie on teaching graduate leadership education courses during the Spring 2021 semester. All share experiences from teaching and learning in graduate school, feedback from student participants, changes to make moving forward, and how their work prepares future leaders in and out of higher education. Note: This is a follow-up from an earlier episode, Teaching Leadership Graduate Courses from February 2021. Some of the resources discussed in this episode include:

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