Author and professor Dr. Jon Wergin joins the podcast to share wisdom from his 50+ years in higher education, leadership education, and consulting.  What does deep, transformative, and adaptive learning look like in leadership?  How do we facilitate better dialogue, critical reflection, and unlearning?  We chat about this, Dr. Wergin's latest book, Deep Learning in a Disorienting Worldand more.

"Movement carries cultural meaning and power" according to Sharna Fabiano world-renowned tango instructor, life coach, and author of the recently released book, Lead and Follow: The Dance of Inspired Teamwork. Listen to this episode as Dan and Lauren discuss using art to increase your awareness and understanding of followership. Other resources mentioned in this episode include:

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Author David Franklin joins Dan and Lauren following the release of his book, Invisible Learning. During the conversation, David shares the journey of connecting leadership pedagogy to a popular Harvard statistics course.


With the Leadership Education Academy scheduled for August 2021, Dr. Corey Seemiller explains how the ILA Leadership Education Academy grew from a conversation with Dan at a diner on Ohio State University's campus into one of the most popular professional development immersion programs for leadership educators. Additionally, Dr. Seemiller explains how she researches, writes, and uses data for two timely research agendas - generations in higher education and student leadership competencies. 

Some of the resources in this episode include:

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On the heels of publishing their New Directions for Student Leadership issue on Evidence‐Based Practices to Strengthen Leadership Development, Drs. Krista Soria and Matthew Johnson join Dan and Lauren to share their experience. The duo discusses their invitation into the project, working with researchers to edit the issue, and their hopes and dreams for how the text will be used by leadership educators.  

In this episode, Dr. Betty Johnson joins Dan and Lauren to talk about her dissertation on effective virtual meetings. She explains her path to becoming a leadership educator and her recent study into our experiences in workplace meetings since March 2020. 

In this episode, Drs. Marc Hurwitz and Rachael Thompson highlight the robust research from their collaboration on followership in their special issue of New Directions for Student Leadership. Additionally, they share a few quick activities leadership educators can do in their classes or programs to inspire students to learn about and appreciate followership.

After living in Tanzania for nearly a decade, University of Southern Maine Leadership Studies graduate student and School for International Training (SIT) Custom Programs Manager Seth Diemond joins Dan and Lauren to talk about living and working abroad as a leadership educator. The episode highlights examples of connecting purpose, passion, and projects and strategies for immersing oneself in different cultures. 

In this episode, Dan and Lauren talk with Dr. Tony Andenoro and Dr. Kristan Cilente Skendall and about leading the publication of the National Leadership Education Research Agenda (NLERA). The editors discuss working with teams of researchers from all parts of the world to create a collaborative and inclusive vision for leadership education. They talk about the value of this work and the lessons learned from the process.

In this episode, Dan and Lauren talk with Dr. Becka Shetty about her educational journey with leadership education, leading up to her current role infusing leadership education into student organizations. Dr. Shetty's research areas highlight leadership identity and marginalized voices in leadership education.  

Some of the resources in this episode include:

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