In this episode, Dan and Lauren discover the genesis of the mentoring relationship between Drs. Susan R. Komives and John P. Dugan. Susan and John share details from their first meeting at the University of Maryland, College Park, and how they continue supporting each other's professional and personal lives. All discuss how serendipity plays a role in connecting with mentors and colleagues and the importance of care and love in building relationships.

Welcome to Season 7! In this episode, Dan and Lauren introduce the theme for the Fall 2022 season of the podcast. The focus will be on mentoring in leadership education. The topic is essential as higher education faculty, staff, administrators, and students need even more support during the disruptive times we've experienced. In the preview, Dan and Lauren share their current teaching schedule, research projects, and service opportunities.

Some of the events mentioned in this episode include:

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In this episode, Dan and Lauren discuss topics related to student leadership in engineering with New Directions for Student Leadership special issue co-editors Drs. Meagan R. Kendall and Cindy Rottmann. Meagan and Cindy share how this issue came to fruition and the critical need for more scholarship in engineering leadership studies. All discuss how the concepts in the articles can apply to engineering, STEM, and other areas of higher education.

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

ASEE Engineering Leadership Development Division (LEAD) LinkedIn Page

Journal of Leadership Studies symposium article "Infusing Leadership Education in the Undergraduate Engineering Experience: A Framework from UCF's eli2"

Meagan's department website

Cindy's department website

In this episode, Dan and Lauren hear from ILA Leadership Education Academy co-chairs Dr. Kerry Priest and Rian Satterwhite. The group discusses the foundations of the program designed to improve teaching and programming for leadership educators. Lauren shares her experience as a participant last year; Kerry and Rian provide insight on the planning process; and Dan revisits the process of creating the program.

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

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May 17, 2022

Wrapping Up Season Six

In this episode, Dan and Lauren discuss critical takeaways from teaching in higher education guests this season. Both share their experiences teaching during the Spring 2022 semester, where they fell short with this season, and a big project on the horizon. This is the last episode of the teaching in higher education season.

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In this mini-episode, Lauren shares three ways she integrates new learning into her teaching practice. She outlines the benefits of discussing ideas with fellow educators and what her CliftonStrengths talent themes taught her about brainstorming.

In this episode, Dan and Lauren invite Dr. Kathleen Gabriel to share her work, helping others understand and develop high school and college students. During the discussion, Gabriel offers ideas for leadership educators seeking to connect and engage with students in the classroom. In addition, she explains the ideas and strategies she applied in teaching high school and college students.  Check out her books here!

In this episode, Dr. Dee Fink shares insight and strategies from his work creating significant learning experiences in higher education. Dan and Lauren share elements of his work that have helped them teach leadership education courses. Dr. Fink makes recommendations for building trust in classrooms and learning the situational factors that his students brought to the classroom.

Some resources mentioned in this episode include:

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In Part Two of a Two, Jessica Chung and Christie Navarro join Dan and Lauren for insight into leadership education during a complex time. Jessica and Christie discuss co-editing the special issue of New Directions for Student Leadership #172 using the Co-Inquiry process and their approaches to teaching and programming during multiple pandemics. 

In Part One of Two, Dr. Darren Pierre and John Weng join Dan and Lauren to explore the use of the co-Inquiry process in editing the Winter 2021 Issue #172 of New Directions for Student Leadership, "Leadership Education through Complex Transitions". Weng and Pierre highlight the personal and professional benefits of engaging in this process during a turbulent period in higher education.

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