In this episode, Dr. Virginia Byrne highlights issues of equity and inclusion in virtual spaces. She explains how teachers can make meaning and create "teacher presence" in asynchronous and synchronous courses.  Some of the resources Virginia shared include:

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In this episode, Dan and Lauren provide techniques and resources for integrating leadership activities in your online courses.  Some of the resources we noted in this episode include:

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In this episode, Dr. Ralph Gigliotti explains the history of crisis in higher education, what has changed since the end of the 2019-2020 school year, and what colleges and universities can expect heading into the new academic year. 

Ralph recently shared a reflection on crisis with the International Leadership Association community that you can read here.  Additionally, click the links to view Ralph's webinar as well as the PAUSE for Pedagogy article and supplemental video interview we mention in the episode.  Finally, check out Ralph's book Crisis Leadership in Higher Education.

On the heels of leading a collaborative diverse effort to provide current leadership research through the lens of gender, Dan and Lauren chat with Dr. Julie Owen, professor, researcher and author of “We Are the Leaders We’ve Been Waiting For: Women and Leadership Development in College”.

In this episode, Dan and Lauren preview season three which focuses on sharing resources for leadership educators returning to campus amidst a heightened level of uncertainty. The duo discusses themes from interviews with season three guests including making decisions on effective program delivery, understanding various audiences including women leaders and student-athletes, and activism on campus. 

In this episode, ACPA President Vernon Wall shares the value of the association for leadership educators. The SJTI co-founder discusses his groundbreaking experiences in the organization and the opportunities for members in the inclusive community.  *Please note that this was recorded before the COVID-19 outbreak.

In this episode, Dr. Fran Lo and Sean Ferris from the University of Washington-Seattle, one of the first U.S. higher education institutions to suspend in-person operations, highlight how their student leaders adapted to change. 

In this episode, Dr. Bill Smedick and Melanie Bullock illustrate the impact of the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) on the growth of the leadership development community. Both provide insight into the association’s history since 1960 and the future of meaningful campus experiences in higher education. *Please note that this was recorded before the COVID-19 outbreak.

In this episode, Elizabeth Beltramini discusses how her team moved ACUI's 100th-anniversary conference from in-person in Atlanta to a virtual platform in rapid fashion. Liz explains how her team worked with the organization to satisfy their constituency during a time of massive change and shared an innovative virtual networking option for virtual conference participants from the virtual event firm Hopin.

In this episode, Dr. Brian Magee describes ACUI’s resources for leadership educators and the advantage of joining this student center professionals' association. He enlightens us on the association’s mission to create a shared and caring community. *Please note this was recorded before the COVID-19 outbreak. The information is valuable but mentions events that occurred in different formats.


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